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Lake facies deposits, calcareous concretion and iron shell of Gonghe Formaiton in the east of Dalian Lake, Gonghe County, Qinghai Province. Gonghe Basin, is one of the numerous Cenozoic tectonic basins in north-eastern Tibetan Plateau. The thickness of middle-lower Gonghe Formation in east of Dalian Lake is about 200 m, in which the facies types are mainly lacustrine deposits. The iron shell and calcareous concretion are important evidences of a warmer and drier climate at that time. The ESR dating results show that the Gonghe Formation was formed in Pliocene. Mammalian fossils and sporo-pollen analysis reflect the general trend of regional climate from warm temperate zone to temperate zone, with several changes of hot to cold, and wet to dry, and mainly aridification. The research achievement was led by Professor ZHAO Xi-tao. For details, see pp. 451-471 of this issue. (Photo by ZHAO Xi-tao)
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