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Migmatization in the Foping area of the South Qinling belt. The Foping area is characterized by domal lifting of high grade metamorphic rocks and has undergone partial melting, magmatism and multiple deformations. High precision dating of migmatite, granulite, metapelite and related intrusions was used to define the Early Mesozoic evolution history of the Foping area and even the South Qinling belt. It is for the first time that an orogenic process was defined by using combined dating of anataxis, magmatism and tectonism in this area. The result shows that the metamorphism occurred later than the magmatism, which may affect the establishment of tectonic model of the Qinling orogen. This research provides a new perspective for orogeny research. For details, see pp. 545-562 of this issue. (Photo by LIU Zhi-hui)
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