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The synchronous measurement using enrichment and pre- concentration-pyrolysis-IRMS tests the δ17O, δ18O andδ15N of N2O gas in head-space bottle. FAN Chang-fu et al. comprehensively optimized the pretreatment method, the automatic gas pre-concentration enrichment, the purification system and the analyzing process by improving the critical device and technique of traditional bacterial denitrification, thus achieving the stability and reproducibility of testing results. This method has a wide application for effectively tracing the source and the evolution of micro-nitrate in atmosphere, water, soil and rock and avoiding the multiple solution with a single index. For details see pp. 591-604 of this issue. This issue reports the latest viewpoints and progress of multiple groups including Professor LI Yan-he, Institute of Mineral Resources, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, in regard to isotope analysis technology and geological application research. (Photo by FAN Chang-fu)
Issue 5 , 2020 Table of Contents
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