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Raging flames from ice. China’s first successful trial collection of marine natural gas hydrate has realized China’s possession of more than 90% global natural gas hydrate resource quantity. The safe controllable exploitation of the argillaceous siltstone reservoir natural gas hydrate whose development technology is most difficult has broken two world records: the continuous gas production for 60 days; the total gas production of 309 thousand cubic meters. Some significant breakthrough results were achieved, such as long-term gas production, large volume of gas production, stable air flow and environmental safety. Researchers have achieved independent innovation of three items of important theory, six technical systems comprising twenty key techniques, three important engineering management systems and seven items of important technical equipment. The research achievement led by Professor YE Jian-liang, Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey of CGS, in combination with a number of units in China, ranks the first among “Top Ten Scientific and Technological Progresses of CGS and CAGS in 2017”. (Photo by YE Jian-liang)
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