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Drilling site and ore features of the Sinongduo Ag-Pb-Zn deposit. Studies show that the orebody consists of galena- sphalerite-independent silver minerals (ar-gentite-pearceite-acanthite)-chalcedony-opal- il-lite-sericite-rhodochrosite-adularia, being a typical low sulfurization type epithermal Ag- Pb-Zn deposit. Precise chronological test shows that the rock-forming and ore-forming events exclusively occurred in Palaeocene epoch. The determination of the type and metallogenic event of the Sinongduo Ag-Pb- Zn deposit is of important significance for enriching genetic types of the ore deposits in the whole Gandise metallogenic belt, perfecting minerogenetic series and opening up new regional prospecting field. For details, see pp. 687-701 of this issue. The Sinongduo Ag-Pb-Zn deposit is the new discovery and important prospecting breakthrough achieved in recent years in Linzizong volcanic rocks which are extensively distributed in the Gandise metallogenic belt. This issue reports the newest achievement obtained by MLR Team of Prospecting, Evaluation and Metallogeny Theory Innovation for the Large- and Super Large Scale Deposits in Tibet Plateau. (Photo by LI Zhuang)
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