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The Upper Cretaceous strata and “Babe Louis” embryo bone fossils in Nanyang Basin of southern Henan Province. Quite a few dinosaur egg fossils, including a famous "Babe Louis" dinosaur embryo bone fossil, have been preserved in the Upper Cretaceous Gaogou Formation in Zhaoying Village of Yangcheng Town, Xixia County in Nanyang Basin, Henan Province. The research on the dinosaur egg embedding and the reconstruction of Late Cretaceous paleoclimate show that the pa-leoclimate changed quickly as a warm/dry –warm/wet – dry – warm/wet – dry process, and had a drying tendency. This type of pa-leoenvironment made lots of dinosaur eggs hatch incompletely, and the main factor causing gradual extinction of dinosaur was the vegetation deteriora-tion under the dry condition. The research achieve-ment led by Professor JIA Song-hai, Henan Geological Museum. For details, see pp. 431-442 of this issue. (Photo by JIA Song-hai)
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