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Multiple generations of pseudotachylyte in the Longmen Shan fault zone. Pseudotachylytes are generally thought of as rocks of fossil earthquakes formed by frictional fusion and comminution during paleoseismic fault movements, and are an indicator of fast slip within seismogenic fault belt. Mutiple generations of pseudotachylytes are exposed in the central fault of Longmen Shan fault belt, which convey significant information that can help us better understand the fault behavior and their mechanical properties as well as orogenic uplifting. For details see pp. 199-211 of this issue. This issue reports the newest achievements and progresses led by Professor LI Hai-bing, Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences as well as other groups at rheology of continental lithosphere, formation and tectonic evolution of Tibetan Plateau, faulting and seismic activity, and regional structure styles and effects. (Photo by LI Hai-bing)
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