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The cover photos show the weathering morphol-ogy and microscopic alteration under plane-polarized light of the Weijing granite, Inner Mongolia, China. Numerous sandstone-type ura-nium deposits (SUD) are distributed surrounding the granite and located in the western marginal uplift of the Erlian Basin. This granite is not only huge in volume, but high in uranium content and loss of uranium (–45.47%). The Weijing granite has played an important role in sedimentary source supply for both host rocks and uranium for deposit mineralization. Based on the uranium metallogenic theory and prospecting technology for SUD in North China, five key mineralization factors (tectonic, sandbody, uranium source, ox-idation zone and reductant agent) controlling SUD formation have been proposed. This pro-vides a scientific theoretical basis for the discov-ery of similar uranium deposit. The research achievement was led by Professor NIE Feng-jun, East China University of Technology. For details, see pp. 616-632 of this issue. (Photo by NIE Feng-jun)
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