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Map showing distribution and investigation of rare metals, rare earth elements and rare scattered elements (tri-rare) in China. Based on the study of distribution features, metallogenic regularities and development status of tri-rare minerals both in China and abroad, a global database was established, a series of new deposits such as the Jiajika superlarge Li deposit in Sichuan Province and the Yongding superlarge Ta-Nb deposit in Fujian Province were discovered, and the level of theory and technology related to the tri-rare minerals was promoted, thus providing resources support for the development of emerging industries in China. The research achievement led by Profes-sor WANG Deng-hong, Institute of Mineral Resources, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences(CAGS), ranks the third among “Top Ten Geological Sci-tech Progresses of China Geological Survey(CGS) and CAGS in 2016”. For details see pp. 317-344 of this issue. (Photo by WANG Deng-hong)
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