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Magnetotelluric sounding profile of Xiongan New Area. Aimed at supporting and serving national important strategy, researchers started geological sur-vey of Xiongan New Area in June 2017, carried out multi-purpose and multi-technology urban geological survey including such fields as engineering geology, underground space, geothermal clean energy resources, ecological hydrogeology and land quality geochemistry, rapidly evaluated geological safety and engineering constructing suitability of Xiongan New Area, and deployed and implemented the first group of three deep geothermal drill holes, which all made important discovery. All the conclusions obtained have been brought into program outline of Xiongan New Area, and hence provided important support for the compilation of the overall program of Xiongan New Area. The research achievement led by Professor HAO Ai-bing, Department of Hydrogeology and Environ-mental Geology of CGS, in combination with a number of units in China, ranks the seventh among “Top Ten Scientific and Technological Progresses of CGS and CAGS in 2017”. For details see pp. 513-558 of this issue. (Photo by WU Ai-min)
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