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A typical ball-and-pillow structure induced by an earthquake in the Late Quaternary Shawan lacustrine sediments in the upper reaches of the Minjiang River, eastern Tibetan Plateau. The distribution, type and triggering mechanism of the soft sediment deformation structure in the Shawan lacustrine sediments in the upper reaches of the Minjiang River were determined by field observation and indoor sedimentological analysis. Through the research on microscopic environmental indexes such as high resolution grain sizes and magnetic susceptibility, the long-term palaeoearthquake records in Shawan area were established. Combined with the 14C and OSL chronology of lacustrine sediments, the palaeoearthquake age, frequency and seismic activity during the Late Quaternary in Shawan were investigated. This study provides basic data for the disaster types and mechanism in eastern Tibetan Plateau, and provides a new train of thought for the study of paleoearthquakes in the region with active tectonics. For details, see pp. 23-36 of this issue. (Photo by ZHONG Ning)
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