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Gas trial site of Yanhashen Well 1(the height of the flame is about 8 m). With the oil and gas geological conditions of new district, new series of strata and new field and resources potential exploration as the object, researchers carried out for the first time oil and gas survey with Carboniferous-Permian strata as the layer of interest in Yin’e basin and neighboring areas, delineated oil and gas exploration blocks through optimization to make competitive selling and, as a result, obtained high-yield industrial oil and gas flow. This is a successful example of conducting geological survey with public welfare nature to guide oil and gas exploration and making important breakthrough, which opens up a wide prospect for oil and gas exploration in new series of strata in northern China. The research achievement led by Professor LU Jin-cai, Xi’an Center of Geological Survey of CGS, and supported by a number of institutions in China, ranks the second among “Top Ten Scientific and Technological Progresses of CGS and CAGS in 2016”. (Photo by LU Jin-cai)
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