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The image shows residual isostatic gravity anomalies in the South China block. In 2016, the China Geological Survey developed a deep geo-logical survey project targeting important areas for resources and energy, major geological boundaries, and key structural units in China. The South China block is an important part of the Eurasian Plate, and is also the "granary" of Chinese mineral resources. The residual isostatic gravity anomalies of the South China continental block were obtained from satellite Bouguer anomalies, and isostatic difference of crustal thickness was calculated by elevation and crust- mantle density differences. This research pro-vides a scientific basis from the deep earth to determine mantle- source metal deposits in posi-tive isostatic residual gravity anomalies, crust-source metal deposits in negative anomalies, and the study of seismic activity focusing on the transition or gradient zones of isostatic differ-ences of crustal thickness. The research achievement was led by Professor YAN Jia-yong, CAGS. For details, see pp. 744-754 of this issue. (Image by YAN Jia-yong)
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