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The Geological Museum of China: the past and the present. Founded in July 1916, the Geological Museum of China is the first public museum of natural science established by Chinese ourselves. During the War of Resistance Against Japan, it existed and developed throughout as an independent scientific institution in spite of its frequent moving and relocating. China’s many disciplines such as field archaeology, paleoan-thropology, Cenozoic geology, vertebrate paleontology, seismology and gemology began at this museum. The Geological Museum of China is the inheritor and propagator of geological undertakings, the pioneer of the geosciences popularization, the witness of the beginning of modern science, and is also the legend of science history of China, history of geoscience and history of museum. In the past one hundred years, it has accumulated abundant natural essence and incorporeal property. It is world-famous for its systematic exhibit reservation, outstanding achievements and exquisite displays.
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