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The remote sensing image map of the Jinzhou Fossil and Granite National Geopark. The Fuxin–Yixian Basin where the Jehol Biota exists is spatiotemporally related to the formation of the Yiwulü Mountain in the Cretaceous. Although they show different geomorphologic landscapes, the Fuxin–Yixian Basin and the Yiwulü Mountain belong to the footwall and hanging wall of the main detachment fault of the Yiwulü Mountain large ductile shear zone, respectively. Owing to the main detachment fault activities, the footwall (Yiwulü Mountain) was subsided; on the con-trary, the hanging wall (Fuxin–Yixian Basin) rose. With the development of the basin, the Jehol Biota appeared and flourished. However, the biota died out when the main detachment fault activity ceased. This conclusion provides scientific support for the integra-tion of geological heritage resources, the overall planning and construction of the Jinzhou Fossil and Granite National Geopark, and the establishment of a geological tourism brand. The research achievement was led by Professor ZHANG Li-jun, Hainan Tropical Ocean University. For details, see pp. 701-714 of this issue. (Photo by ZHANG Li-jun)
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