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Fluorite mining at the tunnel top of the Huobashan site in Yupeng– Nankou, Fujian. The Wuyishan metallogenic belt is the most important source of fluorine in China. In the Sanming area, fluorite occurs in the structural fracture zone in the form of multicolored bands. Through the establishment of metallogenic models of regional fault-type hydrothermal activity and the development of innovative prospecting technologies and methods, an important breakthrough has been made in fluorite prospecting in the Wuyishan metallogenic belt. The Huobashan site contains estimated fluorite reserves of 1.959 7 million tons, and the fluorite reserves in the entire metallogenic belt are estimated to be 64 million tons. This provides a strong basis for the expansion of prospecting in this area. For details, see pp. 383-392 of this issue. This special issue mainly introduces the latest findings and progress of the research team including WANG Chun-lian, Institute of Mineral Resources, CAGS, on the aspects of metallogenic conditions, metallogenic rules, exploration and development technology, and the target prediction of non-metallic minerals. (Photo by WANG Chun-lian)
Issue 3 , 2022 Table of Contents
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