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Verification drilling and altered rock type mineralization in the depth of the Dawan ore concentration area, northeastern Hunan. The zonal distributed Hunan section of the Jiangnan orogenic belt noted as the “gold belt”, accounts for over 90% of the gold deposits in Hunan Province with total proven gold reserves up to 600 t, and most explora-tion drills for mineral deposits are less than 500 m in depth. Recently, deep validation drills indicated great mineral potential in this “gold belt”. For example, ZK808 (drilling depth 2105.35 m) in Dawan gold mine, northeast Hunan Province, spotted an average ore grade of 4.35 g/t at depth 1900 m, with true thickness of 3.75 m. For details see pp. 230-252 of this issue. This issue reports the advances and new insights of prediction and assessment of deep mineral resources based on integrated geoinformation, pio-neered by Professor XIAO Ke-yan, Institute of Min-eral Resources, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences and research groups therein. (Photo by HUANG Jian-zhong)
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