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Spatial calculation and boundary extraction flowchart of the supply base layer. The Covid-19 epidemic has greatly affected the supply of global mineral resources. Due to the numerous resource supply nodes, the risk factors are complex and changeable. On the basis of global mineral resource risk assessment and countermeasures, the research team led by CHEN Qi-shen has proposed for the first time the concept, connotation and evalua-tion method of mineral resource supply chain. Risk assessment of the supply chain will help target countries to fully grasp the hidden risks of the mineral resources supply chain. Safety plans could be formulated according to different levels of early warning so as to ensure a sustainable and stable supply of mineral resources. For details, see pp. 159-166 of this issue. This special issue introduces the latest understanding and progress made in strategic mineral research by CHEN Qi-shen’s re-search team and some other teams from the Institute of Mineral Resources, Chinese Academy of Geo-logical Sciences. (Photo by CHEN Qi-shen)
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