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Theoretical Method of Comprehen-sive Information Mineral Resources Prediction of Metallogenic Series. The theory of metallogenic series applied the system and activity theory to the miner-alization process. Faced with the challenge of ex-tracting deep weak information and quantitatively predicting hidden resources at a depth of 2000 m, a comprehensive information prediction method of metallogenic series was established. With four factors of metallogenic series as the main parameter, the prospecting model was constructed, and com-bined with the method of comprehensive information mineralization prediction. Based on prediction platform, the nonlinear relationship between multi-scale and multi-element geological metallogenic elements was quantitatively explored, and the metallogenic prospect area and deep target area were delineated. This method achieved quantitative prediction through modeling, genealogy, and informatization. The research was led by Professor XIAO Ke-yan, Institute of Mineral Resources, CAGS and other provincial mineral experts in the application of metallogenic series pros-pecting prediction. For details, see pp. 769-780 of this issue. (Image by XIAO Ke-yan)
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