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基金项目:中国地质大调查项目“中国成矿体系综合研究”(编号: 1212010634002); “我国重要矿产和区域成矿规律研究”(编号:1212010633903); 国家科技支撑计划“南岭地区有色-贵重金属综合勘查技术研究”课题(编号: 2006BAB01B03); 深部探测技术与实验研究专项的“南岭成矿带地壳岩浆系统结构探测实验”课题(编号: SinoProbe-03-01); 全国危机矿山“桂东粤西地区铅锌金等矿床成矿规律总结研究”(编号: 20089946); “赣南地区钨矿床成矿规律总结及高温热液成矿机制研究”(编号: 20089947)
王登红 国土资源部成矿作用与资源评价重点实验室, 中国地质科学院矿产资源研究所 
陈毓川 中国地质科学院  
徐志刚 国土资源部成矿作用与资源评价重点实验室, 中国地质科学院矿产资源研究所  
陈郑辉 国土资源部成矿作用与资源评价重点实验室, 中国地质科学院矿产资源研究所  
沈保丰 天津地质调查中心  
汤中立 长安大学地球科学与国土资源学院  
裴荣富 国土资源部成矿作用与资源评价重点实验室, 中国地质科学院矿产资源研究所  
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Advance in the Study of Mineralization System and Its Application to Assessment of Mineral Resources
      The mineralization system can be referred to as the whole group of mineral deposits located in a given region and their genetically related geological factors. The systematic study of all the regional mineralization products, which include geological, geochemical and geophysical indicators, is the main purpose and trend of the study of regional metallogeny. During the past decade, Chinese geologists divided the whole land and ocean region of China into 94 Ⅲ-grade mineralization belts, studied the regularity of each minerogenic series located in each mineralization belt, built up four main sub-systems of mineralization composed of Precambrain, Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic stages, set up a four-stage evolution model for China’s crust and continent mineralization system, and drew up a digital system for the mineralization system based on GIS and geological expert, thus providing a new means for geological survey and exploration of mineral resources.
WANG Deng-hong,CHEN Yu-chuan,XU Zhi-gang,CHEN Zheng-hui,SHEN Bao-feng,TANG Zhong-li,PEI Rong-fu.2011.Advance in the Study of Mineralization System and Its Application to Assessment of Mineral Resources[J].Acta Geoscientica Sinica,32(4):385-395.
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