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Patterns of Arsenic Cycle and Groundwater Arsenic Contamination on the Earth’s Surface
      In order to better monitor and predict groundwater arsenic contamination and reveal the law and mechanism of groundwater arsenic contamination caused by natural factors, the authors carried out investigation and research on groundwater arsenic contamination in Hetao Plain of Inner Mongolia for years. Based on fully understanding and grasping of arsenic chemical and geochemical properties as well as the situation and distribution characteristics of groundwater arsenic contamination all over the world, the authors summarized the distribution of arsenic in natural environment and the mechanism of groundwater arsenic contamination. This study expounded the formation mechanism of four types of groundwater arsenic contamination and presented the patterns of arsenic cycle and groundwater arsenic contamination on the earth’s surface. With the basic mastering of the geological environment background of a certain region, these patterns could offer a preliminary prediction of the possible locations of arsenic contamination. This study indicates that arsenic contamination in groundwater is an environmental hydrogeochemical phenomenon, which happens in the arsenic cycle on the earth’s surface. The distribution of contaminated areas is related to specific geological and geographical backgrounds and environmental conditions. This study suggests that, in the reductive desorption contamination type, such factors as the closed environment, sulfur and organic carbon constitute the main control factors for the dissolution of arsenic in strata. In the future, it is necessary to reinforce the investigation and monitoring of arsenic contamination in groundwater in closed alluvium-acustrine plains, river-lake deltas, and river-sea deltas.
GAO Cun-rong,FENG Cui-e,LIU Wen-bo,AKAI Junji,KUBODA Yoshihiro,KOBAYASHI Iwao.2014.Patterns of Arsenic Cycle and Groundwater Arsenic Contamination on the Earth’s Surface[J].Acta Geoscientica Sinica,35(6):741-750.
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