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The Uplifting Process and Mechanism of the Qinhai-Tibet Plateau
      From the late Cretaceous to the Eocene ,the Qinhai-Tibet plateau ended its history of the oceancrust evolution and started a new stage of the continental collision,the crustal shortening and thicken-ing,while the plateau continuously uplifted.The uplift process of the plateau can be divided into threestages as follows:the subductin-collision uplift stage, the convergent-compression uplift stage and iso-static adjust uplift stage. The crustal shortening and thickening of the plateau have been brought boutby motions of the different structural layers of the crust in different manners. The uplift mechanism ofthe plateau may be summarized as″intracontinental converging-layering thickening-isostatic adjust-ing″.
LI Ting-dong.1995.The Uplifting Process and Mechanism of the Qinhai-Tibet Plateau[J].Acta Geoscientica Sinica,16(1):1-9.
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