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1、 Geologic Evolution of the Himalayan-Tibetan Orogen in the Context of Phanerozoic Continental Growth of Asia   被引用次数(140)
YIN An 2001年第22卷, 第3期:193~230
2、 The Uplifting Process and Mechanism of the Qinhai-Tibet Plateau   被引用次数(93)
LI Ting-dong 1995年第16卷, 第1期:1~9
3、 Vegetation Karst Effects on the Karst Area of Southwest China   被引用次数(60)
YAO Chang-hong,JIANG Zhong-cheng and YUAN Dao-xian 2001年第22卷, 第2期:159~164
4、 Dynamics Features of the Epikarst Zone and Their Significance in Environments and Resources   被引用次数(57)
JIANG Zhong-cheng and YUAN Dao-xian 1999年第20卷, 第3期:302~308
5、 Collision Orogenic Process and Magmatic Metallogenic System in Zhongdian Arc   被引用次数(54)
YANG Yue-qing,HOU Zeng-qian,HUANG Dian-hao and QU Xiao-ming 2002年第23卷, 第1期:17~24
6、 The Transformation of Tectonic Stress Field and Interfacial Metallogensis   被引用次数(51)
邓军,吕古贤,杨立强,郭涛,方云,舒斌 1998年第19卷, 第3期:244~250
7、 SHRIMP U-Pb Geochronology of Pyroxene Diorite in the Chaoshan Gold Deposit and Its Geological Significance   被引用次数(49)
WANG Yan-bin,LIU Dun-yi,ZENG Pu-sheng,YANG Zhu-sen and TIAN Shi-hong 2004年第25卷, 第4期:423~427
8、 Transition of Tectonic and Dynamic Regime and Mineralization   被引用次数(49)
ZHAI Yu-sheng and LV Gu-xian 2002年第23卷, 第2期:97~102
9、 The Structural Feature of Metamorphic Core Complex in Yiwülshan Mountains,West Liaoning   被引用次数(49)
MA Yin-sheng,CUI Sheng-qin,WU Jin-guo,ZHU Zhen-han,ZHU Da-gang,LI Xiao and FENG Xiang-yang 1999年第20卷, 第4期:385~391
10、 A Comparative Study on Hydrological and Ecological Effects in Different Karst Ecosystems   被引用次数(49)
HE Shi-yi,RAN Jing-cheng,YUAN Dao-xian and XIE Yun-qiu 2001年第22卷, 第3期:265~270
11、 Fission Track Dating of Apatite Constrains on the Cenozoic Uplift of the Altyn Tagh Mountain   被引用次数(48)
CHEN Zheng-le,ZHANG Yue-qiao,WANG Xiao-feng,CHEN Xuan-hu,Washburn Z. and Arrowsmith J. 2001年第22卷, 第5期:413~418
12、 The Re Os Isotopic Age of Molybdenite from Duobaoshan and Tongshan Porphyry Copper(Molybdenum)Deposits   被引用次数(44)
ZHAO Yi-ming,BI Cheng-en,ZOU Xiao-qiu,SUN Ya-li,DU An-dao and ZHAO Yu-ming 1997年第18卷, 第1期:61~67
13、 Origin and Features of the Mesozoic Intermediate-acid Intrusive in the Tongling Area, Anhui, China   被引用次数(42)
WU Cai-lai,CHEN Song-yong,SHI Ren-deng and HAO Mei-ying 2003年第24卷, 第1期:41~48
14、 The Precambrian High-grade Basement of the Qilian Terrane and Neighboring Areas: Its Ages and Compositions   被引用次数(41)
WAN Yu-sheng,XU Zhi-qin,YANG Jing-rui and ZHANG Jian-xin 2003年第24卷, 第4期:319~324
15、 Dynamical Characteristics of the Emei Mantle Plume   被引用次数(40)
LU Ji-ren 1996年第17卷, 第4期:424~438
16、 The Mineral Resources Demand Theory and the Prediction Model   被引用次数(39)
WANG An-jian,WANG Gao-shang,CHEN Qi-shen and YU Wen-jia 2010年第31卷, 第2期:137~147
17、 Strike-Slip Model for Altyn Tagh Fault Developed since Late Mesozoic   被引用次数(39)
刘永江,葛肖虹,叶慧文,刘俊来,N.Franz,J.Genser,潘宏勋,任收麦 2001年第22卷, 第1期:23~28
18、 Geological Features and Metallogenic Model of the Jiama Copper-Polymetallic Deposit in Tibet   被引用次数(38)
TANG Ju-xing,WANG Deng-hong,WANG Xiong-wu,ZHONG Kang-hui,YING Li-juan,ZHENG Wen-bao,LI Feng-ji,GUO N,QIN Zhi-peng,YAO Xiao-feng,LI Lei,WANG You and TANG Xiao-qian 2010年第31卷, 第4期:495~506
19、 LA-ICPMS Zircon U-Pb Age of the Qingshui Pluton in the East Xiao Hinggan Mountains   被引用次数(38)
SUN De-you,WU Fu-yuan and GAO Shan 2004年第25卷, 第2期:213~218
20、 The Development of Nam Co Lake in Tibet since Late Pleistocene   被引用次数(38)
ZHAO Xi-tao,ZHU Da-gang,WU Zhong-hai and MA Zhi-bang 2002年第23卷, 第4期:329~334
21、 The Formation and Deformational Characteristics of East Asia Multi-Direction Convergent Tectonic System in Late Jurassic   被引用次数(37)
DONG Shu-wen,ZHANG Yue-qiao,CHEN Xuan-hu,LONG Chang-xing,WANG Tao,YANG Zhen-yu and HU Jian-min 2008年第29卷, 第3期:306~317
22、 SHRIMP Zircon Ages: Basis for Refining the Chronostratigraphic Classification of the Meso-and Neoproterozoic Strata in North China Old Land   被引用次数(37)
GAO Lin-zhi,ZHANG Chuan-heng,YIN Chong-yu,SHI Xiao-ming,WANG Zi-qiang,LIU Yao-ming,LIU Peng-ju,TANG Feng and SONG Biao 2008年第29卷, 第3期:366~376
23、 Tectonic Setting and Prospects of Porphyry Copper Deposits in Zhongdian Island Arc Belt   被引用次数(37)
ZENG Pu-sheng,WANG Hai-ping,MO Xuan-xue,YU Xue-hui,LI Wen-chang,LI Ti-gang,LI Hong and YANG Chao-zhi 2004年第25卷, 第5期:535~540
24、 The Prediction of the Demand on Important Mineral Resources in China   被引用次数(36)
WANG Gao-shang and HAN Mei 2002年第23卷, 第6期:483~490
25、 The Temporal and Spatial Framework of the Mesozoic Magmatic System in Zijinshan Area and Its Geological Significance   被引用次数(36)
ZHANG De-quan,LI Da-xin,FENG Cheng-you and DONG Ying-jun 2001年第22卷, 第5期:403~408
26、 Evolution and Development of Groundwater Environment in North China Plain under Human Activities   被引用次数(36)
ZHANG Zong-hu,SHI De-hong,SHEN Zhao-li,ZHONG Zuo-shen and XUE Yu-qun 1997年第18卷, 第4期:337~344
27、 Collision-Orogeny of the Northern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Its Deep Dynamics   被引用次数(35)
XU Zhi-qin,YANG Jing-rui and JIANG Mei 2001年第22卷, 第1期:5~10
28、 Crust and Upper Mantle Shear Velocity Structure beneath the Tibetan Plateau and Adjacent Areas   被引用次数(34)
SU Wei,PENG Yan-ju,ZHENG Yue-jun and HUANG Zhong-xian 2002年第23卷, 第3期:193~200
29、 Lithospheric Geothermics of Major Geotectonic Units in China Mainland   被引用次数(34)
WANG Yang,WANG Qi-yang,XIONG Liang-ping and DENG Jin-fu 2001年第22卷, 第1期:17~22
30、 The Constitute,Geochronology and Geologic Evolution of the Kongling Complex, Western Hubei   被引用次数(34)
MA Da-shuan,LI Zhi-chang and XIAO Zhi-fa 1997年第18卷, 第3期:233~241
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