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Application of SPAC Method to Survey Deep Geothermal Water Storage Structures in SK-2
      As a method for acquiring the velocity structure of underground strata and hidden structural faults, microtremor surveying is very popular for shallow exploration in cities and villages because of its advantages of no active source, convenient survey process, and strong anti-interference ability. To explore the deep geothermal resource potential of the northern Songliao Basin in greater detail, the subsurface fine velocity structure within the burial depth range from the Nenjiang Formation to the Denglouku Formation at the bottom of the depression was obtained by using the micro motion detection method in and around Songke Well No. 2 (SK-2) south of Anda City, Heilongjiang Province. Based on the spatial autocorrelation method (SPAC), the S-wave dispersion curve was extracted from the vertical component of the micro motion signal and transformed into the apparent S-wave velocity curve. Finally, through interpolation and smooth calculation, a two-dimensional underground S-wave velocity structure section spanning 9 km and reaching 4000 m beneath the surface was obtained. Analysis of the micro motion profile revealed that the subsurface S-wave velocity generally shows a trend of high velocity in the west and low velocity in the east. There are three obvious low-speed anomaly zones with depths ranging from 1400 m to 2800–100 m in the west, 2300 m in the east, and 3700 m to the east of well SK-2—indicating that there are likely faults or hidden fault structures at these locations. By combining these data with the stratigraphic data, the Quantou and Denglouku Formations were determined as the main units in this depth range, and the lithology is mostly interbedded sandstone and mudstone. These are suitable units for hydrothermal storage. The study shows that the lateral low-velocity anomaly of the surface wave results can be used as a basis of discrimination for identifying deep geothermal water storage structures and can provide direction for further clean energy investigation in this area.
YING Heng-cheng,LI Hong-qiang,ZHANG Yu-min,JIN Zhong-yuan,ZHANG Jia-duo,FU Wei,GAO Lei,AN Dong-zhao,PAN Zong-dong,WANG Wei,HOU He-sheng.2022.Application of SPAC Method to Survey Deep Geothermal Water Storage Structures in SK-2[J].Acta Geoscientica Sinica,43(6):909-916.
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