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P-T-t Path and Tectonic Implications of Gubaoquan Eclogite from Beishan Region
      The P-T-t path of eclogite from the Gubaoquan area, south of Beishan Orogen, is used to track the tectonic history of the Beishan region. This paper presents novel petrology, mineral chemistry, and geochronology of Beishan eclogite. Zircon U-Pb data show that the protolith of eclogite formed at ~860 Ma with a prograde or near-peak metamorphic age of ~465 Ma. The P-T-t path of the eclogite was clockwise, with an early steep temperature and pressure rise process, subsequent eclogite-facies metamorphism with conditions of >22 kbar and 660?700 ℃, and a late isothermal retrograde decompression process. The eclogite was formed by rapid subduction of continental crust, with a depth of 80 km, followed by rapid exhumation.
CHEN Yan-fei,SHAO Zhao-gang,CHEN Xuan-hua,LI Jie,WANG Ye,WANG Luo-juan,SU He.2022.P-T-t Path and Tectonic Implications of Gubaoquan Eclogite from Beishan Region[J].Acta Geoscientica Sinica,43(6):895-908.
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