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基金项目:湖南省关键非金属矿产成矿规律及靶区优选研究(编号: HX2021-10; HNGSTP-202103);中国地质调查局地质调查项目(编号: DD20221643-1; DD20221643-6)
汤贺军 中国地质科学院
孟贵祥 中国地质科学院
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龚雪婧 中国地质科学院
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Geological and Geochemical Characteristics and Ore Controlling Factors of Hanpoao Graphite Deposit in Xinhua County, Hunan Province
      Hunan Province is the most important mineral area of aphanitic graphite in China, and its reserves of aphanitic graphite rank first in China. It is mainly formed by contact thermal metamorphism of coal bearing strata. This paper taking the Hanpoao graphite deposit in the north of Lianshao coalfield as an example, and analyzed the geological, geochemical characteristics and ore controlling factors. The results show that the fixed carbon content of the ore is high (> 80%), and the ore structure is mainly massive. The graphite particle size gradually decreases from near to far away from the granite, and the degree of contact thermal metamorphism and graphitization gradually increases from top to bottom. The content of Al2O3, TFeO, Na2O, K2O and TiO2 in carbonaceous sandstone of Hanpoao graphite deposit is relatively high, while the content of MgO and CaO in marble is relatively high. Both carbonaceous sandstone and marble show the characteristics of LREE enrichment and HREE loss. The ∑REE in carbonaceous sandstone is high, with an average value of 212×10–6, whereas the ∑REE in marble is low, with an average value of 11.18×10–6; The carbonaceous sandstone has obvious negative anomalies of Eu, Pb and Sr, positive anomalies of U, Th and Ba, and Ce anomaly is not obvious. The marble Cs and Pb are negative anomalies, U is positive anomaly, and Sr anomaly is not obvious. The carbonaceous sandstone in Hanpoao mining area is mainly formed in the anoxic reduction environment. The sedimentary environment belongs to terrigenous marine sedimentation, and the material comes from continental debris, which is located in the coastal shallow sea tidal zone deposition. The coal bearing strata of Ceshui Formation, Tianlongshan granite and Hanpoao thrust fault are the key ore controlling factors of graphite deposits in this area.
TANG He-jun,MENG Gui-xiang,ZHU Wen-qing,GONG Xue-jing,ZHANG Xiong,WEN Ting.2022.Geological and Geochemical Characteristics and Ore Controlling Factors of Hanpoao Graphite Deposit in Xinhua County, Hunan Province[J].Acta Geoscientica Sinica,43(6):832-842.
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