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李朝奎 湖南科技大学地理空间信息技术国家地方联合工程实验室 
方军 湖南科技大学地理空间信息技术国家地方联合工程实验室 
肖克炎 中国地质科学院矿产资源研究所, 自然资源部成矿作用与资源评价重点实验室  
王宁 湖南科技大学地理空间信息技术国家地方联合工程实验室  
周青蓝 湖南科技大学地理空间信息技术国家地方联合工程实验室  
隗含涛 中国地质科学院矿产资源研究所, 自然资源部成矿作用与资源评价重点实验室  
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Research on Acceleration Algorithm of Terrain Visualization Based on GPU
      Terrain visualization is a three-dimensional terrain simulation display using DEM, computer graphics and image processing technology. This technology is widely used in many fields, such as deep mineral prediction, mineral resource evaluation, virtual reality, entertainment games, flight simulation and so on. With the increase of data volume, the real-time and smooth visual effect of 3D terrain visualization is limited by the current level of computer hardware technology. In order to solve this problem, ROAM algorithm is used in terrain modeling, GPU high-speed parallel operation performance is used to accelerate the speed of terrain visualization modeling and the effect of model display. The experimental results show that: when the amount of calculation is small, the acceleration effect is not significant; with the increase of the amount of calculation, the calculation effect is more and more obvious; when the amount of calculation reaches a certain value, the acceleration effect reaches a stable acceleration trend. The research results provide original visualization technology support for similar work such as terrain visualization and mineral Resources evaluation.
LI Chao-kui,FANG Jun,XIAO Ke-yan,WANG Ning,ZHOU Qing-lan,WEI Han-tao.2020.Research on Acceleration Algorithm of Terrain Visualization Based on GPU[J].Acta Geoscientica Sinica,41(2):303-308.
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