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Metallogenic Prognosis of Skarn-type Iron Ore Deposits in Qihe–Yucheng Area, Shandong Province
      There are obvious aeromagnetic and gravity anomalies in Qihe–Yucheng deep coverage area of Dezhou City, Shandong Province. In recent years, the geological exploration units have made a comprehensive study of the geophysical anomalies in this area, and it is shown that this area has good ore-forming geological conditions for forming skarn-type iron ore deposits. With the systematic anomaly verification, several skarn-type iron deposits have been exposed in the deep part of the study area, which has made a great breakthrough in the prospecting work and made great progresses in scientific research. The purpose of this paper is to make metallogenic prediction through comprehensive analysis of the results of exploration and research in this area, so as to guide the exploration work of skarn-type iron ore deposits in the future. The exploration work shows that the iron orebodies in the study area are generally characterized by combined ore-controlling role of “strata, intrusive rocks and structures”, that is, the iron orebodies occur in the Ordovician (Carboniferous, Permian) strata, the diorite bodies of the late Yanshanian period, and near the contact zone between Ordovician (Carboniferous, Permian) strata and intrusive rock bodies. The authors established a comprehensive ore prospecting prediction model for skarn-type iron ore deposits in the study area, based on the analysis of the key ore-controlling factors such as ore-bearing strata, ore-forming geological bodies and ore-controlling structures as well as the correlation between the gravity, magnetic anomalies and iron orebodies. Based on the comprehensive analysis of the geological and mineral characteristics, gravity field characteristics and magnetic field characteristics of the area, the metallogenic prediction work was carried out, and three Grade I iron ore prospecting target areas of Litun, Pandian and Dazhang as well Grade III Xueguantun target area were delineated. At the same time, six minimum prediction areas were delineated, which included western Lilou, Shizhuang, Guodian Village, southeast Dingsi, Dazhang Village, and southern Zhuzhuang. This metallogenic prediction research work points out the direction for the prospecting of skarn-type iron ore deposits in the future.
HAO Xing-zhong,ZHENG Jin-ming,LIU Wei,WANG Run-sheng,WANG Qiao-yun,ZHANG Gui-li.2020.Metallogenic Prognosis of Skarn-type Iron Ore Deposits in Qihe–Yucheng Area, Shandong Province[J].Acta Geoscientica Sinica,41(2):293-302.
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