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Metallogenic Regularity and Resource Potential of Gold Deposits of Hunan Area in the Jiangnan Orogenic Belt, South China
      The Jiangnan orogenic belt experienced the collision of the Yangtze block and Cathaysian block in the early Neoproterozoic, and was the giant suture of the South China plate. Then, the South China plate entered the intraplate evolution stage. From the perspective of tectonic-magmatism, sedimentary formation and in combination with geological chronology, paleomagnetic and lithofacies palaeogeographic analysis, the authors hold that both tectogenesis of the Caledonian movement and that of the Indosinian movement were intracontinental formations, which created two gold ore-forming events that occurred during the Caledonian period and the extension stage of the Indosinian period. The gold deposits in different ore-forming periods occurred in different structural areas, which together comprised a composite orogenic gold belt from the southwest to the northeast in the Jiangnan orogenic belt. Regional structure played the role of mineral transfer tectonics, and gold deposits occurred obviously in the junction or superimposed structure of secondary structures. Ores of gold deposits generally developed banded structure, which was a product of ductile shear progressive deformation. The research on the regional metallogenic background, gold ore-forming theory, gold deposit geological features combined with isotope geochemistry, geological prospecting results and post-storage conditions revealed consistently the existence of great potential in the deep part of the gold metallogenic belt, and the prospective resources are expected to reach 3000 t at the depth shallower than 2000m from the southwest to the northeast in Hunan Province.
HUANG Jian-zhong,SUN Ji,ZHOU Chao,LU Wen,XIAO Rong,GUO Ai-min,HUANG Ge-fei,TAN Shi-min,WEI Han-tao.2020.Metallogenic Regularity and Resource Potential of Gold Deposits of Hunan Area in the Jiangnan Orogenic Belt, South China[J].Acta Geoscientica Sinica,41(2):230-252.
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