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关键词:gold ore concentration area in northwestern Jiaodong Peninsula  metallogenic structure  multi-source geological data  three-dimensional geological model
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毛先成 中南大学地球科学与信息物理学院
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陈建平 中国地质大学(北京)地球科学与资源学院
肖克炎 中国地质科学院矿产资源研究所, 自然资源部成矿作用与资源评价重点实验室  
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Three-dimensional Modeling of Deep Metallogenic Structure in Northwestern Jiaodong Peninsula and Its Gold Prospecting Significance
      The northwest area of Jiaodong (east Shandong) is the biggest gold ore concentration area in China. In recent years, great achievements have been made in the exploration of deep resources. Deep exploration shows that the production regularity of deep gold orebodies in northwestern Jiaodong is consistent with that in the shallow part, i.e., they are strictly controlled by regional strike-slip faults. Therefore, the reserve increase of deep resources largely depends on the understanding of the form, distribution and structure of deep metallogenic structure. This paper proposes a three-dimensional modeling method for deep metallogenic structures. Rudimentary models of Sanshandao, Jiaojia, and Zhaoping faults, as a basic deep structural frame, were firstly constructed by combining shallow modeling with deep inference through utilizing geological, geophysical and geochemical exploration data. Based on the models, deep models for these faults (with depth up to 3000 m) were further refined via the multi-source data coupling processing approach to decrease uncertainty and bias sourced from individual structure inferring. Based on the three-dimensional models of deep metallogenic structure, the 12 prospecting targets of deep gold deposits in the study area were delineated, which is of great significance in guiding deep prospecting.
MAO Xian-cheng,WANG Qi,CHEN Jin,DENG Hao,LIU Zhan-kun,WANG Jin-li,CHEN Jian-ping,XIAO Ke-yan.2020.Three-dimensional Modeling of Deep Metallogenic Structure in Northwestern Jiaodong Peninsula and Its Gold Prospecting Significance[J].Acta Geoscientica Sinica,41(2):166-178.
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