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基金项目:国家重点研发计划“深地资源勘查开采”重点专项课题(编号: 2017YFC0601502)
李伟 中国地质大学(北京)地球科学与资源学院
陈建平 中国地质大学(北京)地球科学与资源学院
贾玉乐 中国地质大学(北京)地球科学与资源学院
周冠云 中国地质大学(北京)地球科学与资源学院
毛先成 中南大学地球科学与信息物理学院
肖克炎 中国地质科学院矿产资源研究所, 自然资源部成矿作用与资源评价重点实验室  
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Three-dimensional Modeling and Comprehensive Metallogenic Prediction of the Zaozigou Gold Deposit, Gansu Province
      The Zaozigou gold deposit in the west Qinling metallogenic belt of Gansu Province is a typical representative of large-sized tectonic-altered lithologic gold deposit with high degree of studies. To investigate the prospecting direction and metallogenic potential in the depth of the Zaozigou gold deposit, the authors adopted the three-dimensional geological modeling method and the method of extracting favorable information for mineralization to carry out the three-dimensional modeling and comprehensive metallogenic prediction based on the ore-prospecting geological model. The results show that the Zaozigou gold deposit is suitable for the utilization of comprehensive geological prospecting model of ore-controlling fault + favorable rock mass + favorable wall rock alteration + equidistant ore-controlling. The results of quantitative analysis and extraction of geological anomaly variables are well confirmed in geological understanding. The comprehensive mineralization prediction results show that the enrichment of this deposit was obviously attributed to the superimposed mineralization controlled by multi-stage structure, and the main orebodies such as Au1, Au9, Au30 and M16 have good prospecting potential in the depth.
LI Wei,CHEN Jian-ping,JIA Yu-le,ZHOU Guan-yun,MAO Xian-cheng,XIAO Ke-yan.2020.Three-dimensional Modeling and Comprehensive Metallogenic Prediction of the Zaozigou Gold Deposit, Gansu Province[J].Acta Geoscientica Sinica,41(2):144-156.
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