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A New Antiarchi (Placoderm Fishes) from Devonian Strata of Dushan,Guizhou Province
      The fossil discovered in the Early Devonian strata of Dushan in 1963 has been referred as “Houershanolepis changi” in several articles, but neither diagnosis nor description was provided, so the “Houershanolepis changi ” has become a nomen dubium. Here a new antiarch (placoderm) fish Houershanaspis zhangi gen. et sp. nov., is erected based on the fossil materials discovered from Early Devonian Danlin Formation in Mt. Houershan, Dushan County of Guizhou Province, Southwest China, which is different from other antiarch fishes in its long ridge ornamentation and its bothriolepid–like anterior median dorsal plate. The diagnosis of this fish is as follows: small antiarch fishes; the anterior median dorsal plate (AMD) is longer than its breadth with a wide anterior margin which is nearly equal to its posterior margin; the levator fossa is short and the post levator fossa is present; the anterior ventral pit is located at the anterior 1/5 of the AMD length; the overlap relationship between the AMD and neighboring plates is similar to that of Bothriolepis, and the ornamentation is mainly composed of regularly displayed long ridges.
LU Li-wu,TAN Kai,WANG Xi.2017.A New Antiarchi (Placoderm Fishes) from Devonian Strata of Dushan,Guizhou Province[J].Acta Geoscientica Sinica,38(2):144-148.
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