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Discovery of Iron Ore Zones in the Kaladawan Area within the Eastern Part of the Altun Mountains and Its Significance
      There exists a geotectonic setting for the formation of volcanic-sedimentary transformation type iron deposits in Kaladawan area, the eastern part of Altun Mountains. Based on a study of existent iron deposits, the authors hold that iron deposits in Kaladawan area (including Baijianshan and Baba) belong to the vol-canic-sedimentary transformation type and are in zonal distribution. According to these ideas, the authors propose two iron ore target areas for further exploration, i.e., the Baba iron deposit——4337 highland and 3121 high-land——the Baijianshan iron deposit—3081 highland. As a result of field investigation and test results in 2007 and 2008, the authors have found two iron ore zones, namely, Baba iron deposit——4337 highland and 3121 highland——Baijianshan iron ore deposit—3080 highland. The formerly three isolated iron ore spots have now become two iron ore zones, with newly-found eight iron deposits being in zonal distribution. The reserves of iron metal increased from less than ten million tons to more than thirty million tons. The iron exploration breakthrough in the eastern part of the Altun Mountains provides not only abundant iron resources for national construction but also important data for basic geological researches such as the geological comparison between the Qilian Mountain and the eastern part of the Altun Mountains and the calculation of strike-slip displacement.
CHEN Bai-lin,JIANG Rong-bao,LI Li,CHEN Zheng-le,QI Wang-xiu,LIU Rong,CUI Ling-ling,WANG Shi-xin.2009.Discovery of Iron Ore Zones in the Kaladawan Area within the Eastern Part of the Altun Mountains and Its Significance[J].Acta Geoscientica Sinica,30(2):143-154.
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