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Genetic Evidence for the Xuefengian Sn-bearing Biotite Granite in North Guangxi
      The authors carried out field geological works in the northern Guangxi region,with a specialstress on inestigating and studying the characteristics such as the attitudes and compositions of the Xue-fengian Sn-bearing biotite granite and the metamorphic rocks of the Sibao Group.And then,theymade systematic petro-mineralogical determinations,artificial heavy fraction analysis and comparativestudy of chemical composition of both the rocks.As a reslt ten lines of macroscopic and microscopic evidences have been summarized ,indicating a genetic relation between the Xuefengian Sn-bearing bi-otite granite and the metamorphic rocks in the middle and lower parts of the Sibao Group,which hasnow been verified by the experimental study of the mechanism for the formation of the Sn-bearing bi-otite granite.Therefore,these lines of evidence and analytical methods are of important significance tothe study of the granites of the same stage in the old metamorphic terranes of South China.
LIANG Xiang-ji,WANG Fu-sheng,QIAO Li.1995.Genetic Evidence for the Xuefengian Sn-bearing Biotite Granite in North Guangxi[J].Acta Geoscientica Sinica,16(1):55-68.
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