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关键词:oil-soaked dolomite, favorable reservoir  potential for petroleum exploration  Shenglihe area, Northern Qiangtang Depression.
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ReferencesOil-soaked Dolomite in Upper Reach of the Shenglihe River, Northern Qiangtang
      Oil-soaked dolomite discovered recently in upper reach of the Shenglihe River, south of the Northern Qiangtang Depression, belongs to upper section of the Middle Jurassic Buqu Formation. The dolomite is dark gray and gently dipping, overlying the dark mudstone and shale of higher TOC content. Microscopic observation of the dolomite reveals dolomitization of the bioclastic limestone. The oil-soaked dolomite is covered by ashy asphalt near the surface, and light crude oil in fractures of the dolomite is volatile. Oil content of the dolomite sampled in the Shenglihe area reaches to 765 ppm, which is much higher than that of the dolomite oil sand outcropped in the Long’eni-Andarco belt (oil content 12-236 ppm), southern Qiangtang Depression. The oil-soaked dolomite is favorable reservoir with Porosity 6.49 % and permeability 3.81 mD. Petroleum geochemistry and biomarker parameters indicate that crude oil of the dolomite in Shenglihe area is derived from the Early-Middle Jurassic dark shale and mudstone enriched in organic matter. Such oil-soaked dolomite in the Shenglihe area is indicative for petroleum resource potential in the Northern Qiangtang Depression.
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