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Formation age and provenance analysis of the Yellow River in the Hetao Basin- Evidence from detrital zircon
      In the first,we discuss the formation and evolution of the Yellow River in the Hetao Basin by the tracing method. Gravel counting is conducted in the third terrace of Linhe and the ninth terrace of Kubuqi,which indicates this place receive source from the upper Yellow River. Zircon samples are also collected in thethe third terrace of Linhe,the ninth terrace foundation and Cretaceous bedrock of Kubuqi. The results show that there are three main distribution ranges being 250-310 Ma,1550-2160 Ma and 2340-2700 Ma for the Cretaceous bedrock,while there are two more ones,380-490 Ma and 600-1420 Ma. Compared with age spectra of sediment of the Yellow River from different places and different time,we find that source of Cretaceous bedrock are main from Ordos Basin basement and peripheral orogenic belts,while the Yellow River in the Hetao Basin receive source from the Northeast Tibetan plateau since at least 5.16 Ma,that is,the Yellow River running through the Northeast Tibetan plateau and Hetao Basin has taken shape since then.
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