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The geomorphologic classification of earth forest landform
      Earth forest landform refers to a series landforms, including forest column shape, wall shape and gully, which are formed in arid to semi-arid areas through erosion and accumulation of semi-loose to semi-consolidated clastic sediments by running water. Previous studies on this landform were not systematic and comprehensive enough, which even classified it as loess landform. In this paper, the distribution law, material composition and formation reason of earth forest landform are analyzed and studied by counting the distribution of earth forest landform in the world. Base on the study, it was found that earth forest landforms have their own unique formation rules and morphological characteristics. The earth forest landform belongs to sedimentary rock landform from material composition and morphology. From the origin, it belongs to the water erosion landform in the erosion landform, which is accompanied by the feature of water accumulation landform, and the erosion landform is further divided into gully landform, forest pillar landform and gully landform.
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