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Origin of Huangshan loess in Harbin: Integrated evidence from grain size, geochemistry, magnetization, sedimentation and landform
      Harbin Huangshan loess is located at the eastern end of the Eurasian loess belt and adjacent to the eastern edge of the arid belt of the Asian continent. However, there is still a lack of unity in the formation of loess. Through field observation and analysis of grain size, geochemical composition of elements and magnetization of drilling cores in Harbin Huangshan, the genetic mechanism of Huangshan loess was discussed. The results show that the grain size composition of loess is mainly coarse silty (16 ~ 63 microns), and the grain size parameters (mean particle size, median particle size, standard deviation, deviation and peak state), grain size image characteristics (C-M, A-M and L-M), discriminant function and Kd value have no obvious indication of aeolian origin of loess. The major and trace element geochemical compositions of L1-L5 loess are not differentiated from the L5 secondary loess and the underlying fluvial and lacustrine sediments (Huangshan formation) under the loess-paleosols sequence. The magnetization of loess - paleosoil sequence in Huangshan shows the characteristics of periodic high and low variation, which is in good agreement with the typical aeolian loess section on the Loess Plateau. Combined with field observation, the loess of Huangshan has typical characteristics of eolian loess, such as uniform deposition and vertical joint development. In this paper, the aeolian origin of Huangshan loess in Harbin is determined by the method of integration. The grain size and geochemical indexes of loess as alternative indexes of loess genesis mechanism have some limitations. In practical application, they should be combined with field observation, magnetization and other alternative indexes to extract correct genesis mechanism information.
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