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关键词:the Carlin-Type gold deposits area of Yunnan-Guizhou-Guangxi  stream sediment  rock  geochemistry  gold
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The Concentrations and Temporal-Spatial Distributions of Gold in Stream Sediments and Rocks in the Carlin Type Gold Deposits Area of Yunnan-Guizhou-Guangxi Provinces, China
      In order to study the temporal-spatial distributions of gold in stream sediments and rocks and their spatial relationship with known reserves of gold deposits in the Carlin-Type gold deposits area of Yunnan-Guizhou-Guangxi provinces, geochemical distribution maps of gold in stream sediments and rocks have been constructed in this paper based on the geochemical data collected from the 1: 200000 Regional Geochemistry-National Reconnaissance project and the China Geochemical Baselines project. Five gold geochemical provinces with the area of over 1000km2 have been outlined, which are spatially consistent with the distribution of the Carlin-Type gold deposits in this area. There are relative higher gold background values for stream sediments and ore-hosting rocks (mudstone, shale, sandstone, limestone) in the Youjiang Basin (1.94×10-9, 0.51×10-9) then that of the Yangtze craton (1.68×10-9, 0.39×10-9). The gold background values of stream sediments are constrained by those of rocks in various structural units and sedimentary facies in the sturdy area. Gold geochemical provinces could be resulted from the mutual superposition among the rock with high gold background value, gold mineralization, and secondary weathering of gold deposits. This research may draw a contribute to judge the genesis of anomalies, identify the existence of metallogenesis effectively, and has a key role to explore the regular pattern of gold regional metallogeny and focus on prospecting targets.
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