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Study on sulfur and lead isotope characteristics and genesis of Huilalin gold deposit in Upper Heilongjiang Basin
      The Hulalin deposit is located on the Erguna block in the east part of the central Asian orogenic belt, on the west side of the Upper Heilongjiang Basin and adjacent to the gold deposits of Shaobaosi and Laogou in the east. The gold deposits are mainly thin-film, granular and veined pyrite. Mineralization is closely related to Early Cretaceous granitic porphyry, quartz porphyry and cryptoexplosive breccia. Based on the detailed field work of the deposit, the source of metallogenic materials and the ore-forming rules are revealed are discussed through the analysis and study of sulfur and lead isotopes of metallic sulfide. The results show that, the δ34SV-CDT values of Pyrite from 0.7‰ to 2.2‰ of the Huilalin ore deposit and surrounding rock in the Upper Heilongjiang Basin, with an average of 1.18‰ and concentrated around 1.0‰, in a tower distribution, showing that it is mainly magma sulfur. The 206Pb/204Pb,207Pb/204Pb,208Pb/204Pb values of lead isotopes respectively from 18.468 to 18.511,15.578 to 15.625, 38.215 to 38.370. The distribution range is small and has orogenic belt lead characteristics. The μ values of lead isotope from 9.41 to 9.50, all less than 9.58, the ω values were 35.04 to 35.93, with an average value of 35.49, less than that of normal lead ohm values, Th/U is 3.60 ~ 3.66. The above features show the mixed source characteristics of crust and mantle. The map of lead isotopic tectonic environment shows the characteristics of partial melting of lower crust. Δγ-Δβ diagram shows deposit lead from the mantle and crust mixed with subduction magmatism causes lead isotope source area. Comprehensive deposit type, orebody characteristics, ore body and wall rock output that sulfur, lead isotope characteristics, metallogenic material mainly comes from Hulalin gold mining area under deep crustal material formed by molten lava, at the same time the upper mantle and the participation of partial melting of crust material, ore-forming process and closely related to the early Cretaceous magmatic activity, formed in Mongolia-Okhotsk closed the stretch the background.
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