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Chronology, geochemical characteristics, and genesis of Late Cretaceous volcanic rocks in Sangri area, southern margin of the Lhasa Terrane
      Intermediate-acid volcanic rocks are widely exposed in Sangri area of the southern margin of Lhasa terrane. The superposition of multiple magmatic activities makes the magmatic rocks in the area complex in composition and large span in age. In order to study the formation age,tectonic setting and genetic mechanism of volcanic rocks in this area,we selected the intermediate-acid volcanic rocks near Tamu Village in the west of Sangri County as the research object,and carried out zircon U-Pb dating,whole rock major and trace elements, and Sr-Nd isotope analysis. The contents of SiO2 and MgO in Late Cretaceous volcanic rocks in Sangri area are 55.79%-74.26% and 1.31%-4.34%,respectively. They also have high Sr (average 779×10-6),low Y (8.36×10-6 ~ 15.8×10-6),Yb (0.92×10-6 ~ 1.38×10-6) and high Sr/Y ratio (36.28 ~ 105.59). Geochemical characteristics show that the Late Cretaceous volcanic rocks in Sangri area are adakite rocks. At the same time,the Late Cretaceous Sangri volcanic rocks in Sangri area are enriched in LILE elements of Rb,Sr and Pb,and depleted in HFSE of Nb,Ta and Ti,with low initial values of 87Sr/86Sr (0.704152 ~ 0.704515) and high initial values of 143Nd/144Nd (0.512676 ~ 0.512750). Based on petrogeochemical characteristics and regional geological data,the Late Cretaceous volcanic rocks in Sangri area were formed in an active continental margin related to the northward subduction of the Neo-Tethyan oceanic crust,and were the products of partial melting of the Neo-Tethyan oceanic crust. During the rising process of ocean crust melt, the material of mantle wedge was added and underwent separation crystallization.
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