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Characteristics and Formation and Evolution Analysisof the Karst Landforms of Shandong
      The karst landforms in Shandong are generally classified into the karst landforms that have Shandong characteristics, including Gu group, coast etc, and the typical karst landforms that develop in north China and temperate zone, including spring group, long wall shape mountain, dry valley etc, and the karst landforms that often have been seen, including cave group,doline, depression, gorge etc. All of them have been developed in the soluble stratum that is dominated by the Cambrian and the Ordovician. They appeared to be linear–like,or planar-like,or point-like and distributed in numerous karst islands which have different scales and shapes and are completely independent of each other. They are a typical concentration of Gu group, spring group, cave group and coast, and are one of the most typical representative for presenting Gu and spring. Based on the analysis and investigation about the regional geological and geographical background, Shandong karst landforms is divided into 3 karst landform regions of warm temperate zone(including semiarid, semihumid and coast)according to the characteristics of regional climate, then this paper systematically studies and discusses the formation and evolution of discrete island of Shandong karst, and hold that it is the typical representative place that couldSfullySdisplaySthe
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