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关键词:the Xiong’an New Area  hydrofracturing crustal stress measuring  in-situ stress real-time monitoring  Coulomb friction criteria  Byerlee’s law  tectonic stability
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Study on Current In-Situ Stress State and Its Influence on Tectonic Stability in the Xiong’an New Area
      The development of the Xiong’an New Area is a “strategy crucial for the next millennium”,it is of great significance for the national strategy to ascertain the current in-situ stress state of the Xiong’an New Area and its neighboring areas,as well as to assess its local tectonic stability.To this end,we first comprehensively considered the tectonic geological background and rock mass conditions of this area and its neighboring areas,then we gathered data from 16 in-situ stress sensors installed at varying intervals along the total depth of 620m borehole located inside a Yanshanian granite rich region at the key structural part of Shunping county and conducted real-time monitoring of in-situ stress with the method of piezomagnetic electric induction .The in-situ stress data reveal that the maximum horizontal principal stress (SH) is 13.23~29.42MPa and the minimum horizontal principal stress (Sh) is 9.28~19.73MPa; The relationship among the three principal stresses is SH>Sh>SV; The maximum horizontal principal stress direction is NW20°. the stress accumulation coefficient(μm) and the frition coefficient of the fault(μ) are introduced,we calculated the critical failure state of the three main buried faults in the Xiong’an New Area:Baoding-Shijiazhuang,Niudong and Xushui-Dacheng, According to Coulomb friction criteria and Byerlee law,and investigated the fault activity hazards,the result shows that under the current in-situ stress condition,the three main buried faults will not lose stability,but the level of regional stress accumulation is little higher than medium, It is recommended to strengthen the monitoring of relative magnitude of in-situ stress in a long-term and analyze the dynamic evolution process of the three faults’ stability.
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