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四川长宁Ms6.0地震的地质背景分析: 构造节理发震的可能性
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关键词:Changning M6.0 earthquake  Shuanghe great anticline  Structural joints  Seismogenic structure
常祖峰 云南省地震局 
张艳凤 云南省地震局  
王光明 云南省地震局  
张世民 中国地震局地壳应力研究所  
毛泽斌 云南省地震局  
刘昌伟 云南省地震局  
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Geological Background of the Ms6.0 Earthquake in Changning, Sichuan Province: Possibility generated by Structural Joints
      According to the results of field geological survey and regional geological data, the geological background and Neotectonic characteristics in Changning earthquake area is analyzed, the seismogenic structure of this earthquake is discussed,and the seismogenic model of this area is finally given. The regional neotectonic movement has two main characteristics: the whole intermittent weak uplift, and no obvious activityin Late Quaternary along the faultsand weak seismic activity. The epicenter is located on the Shuanghe, Changning, great anticline, at which there are the old NE direction compressive stress field and clockwise rotation stress field. In the core and wing of the great anticline, two groups of NW and one group of NE joints are generally developed, which are characterized by regional distribution and form equidistant structural fracture zone (weak zone). The seismic sequence shows an obvious NW linear belt, and the fracture pattern is mainly thrust with strike slip component. The analysis shows that the Changning earthquake may be resulted from structural strengthening, transfixion and fracture of NW longitudinal joints along Shuanghe anticline under the action of ancient stress field.
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