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The petology and geochemical characteristics of emeishan basalt in Leibo county,Sichuan province
      Based on profile survey,microscopic and geochemical study,the emeishan basalt has been conducted in leibo county,Sichuan province.All of the characteristics obtained is as follows:①The rock types are mainly compact basalt,porphyritic basalt,amygdaloidal basalt with columnar joints,being the result of typical terrestrial eruption;②The petrochemistry is classified as alkaline basalt with high titanium,being the stretching result in plate;③The basalt originated from enriched mantle source, being the product of mantle plume,formed at large depth,and experienced similar magmatic evolution and crystallization differentiation;④The basalt didn’t erupt breccia facies,mainly the spillway overflow phase.It is the product of extensional action in Panxi rift,and may belong to its marginal facies.
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